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Der Metropol

Fashion Designer

Mario Francisco is a worldwide-know designer from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Chosen as the best fashion designer for his graduation paper in 2004, Mario became one of the top 15 students in his country. In 2009 he was invited to take part in Casa de Criadores, Brazil's most important fashion week for new designer, and since then his career has taken off, making a collection every year and presenting them at international fashion weeks. With very sophisticted results when building peices, creative patters and impactful prints, DER METROPOL has been recognized for its innovative proposal, technical quality and very contemporary menswear designs.


Lauren Geoghegan


Lauren Geoghegan is a fresh, London-based accessory designer. After graduating with a 1st from the prestigious London College of Fashion’s Cordwainers College, she designed accessories for Britains biggest high street names including Topshop and Asos, whilst working on the construction of her luxury bags. Whilst her heart originally lay within Womenswear, Lauren’s studies lured her to the 3D world of accessories, allowing her the freedom to play with shape and volume. Her knack for putting together unusual yet incredibly fashion forward and wearable pieces is her trademark. As featured in previous collections, as well as ContainHer, her work with leather stretches from bespoke bags and clutches to remarkable pieces designed for the body which satisfies her long lived penchant for womenswear.




WOOLINGS – LIGHTNESS AND FRESHNESS OF YOUR FEET, IN THE OFFICE AND ON THE STREET. Woolings are light and warm shoes inspired by Russian felt boots valenki. They are made from 100% Australian wool covered with a water resistant layer and accomplished with a non-slip rubber sole. Woolings save warmth in winter and protect from the rainy days in autumn and spring; at the same time wool allows your skin to breathe and helps to maintain good health of your feet. Woolings come in different designs and colours. Both men and women can always find a pair that match their personality. We believe in a concept of co-creation, so every customer has an opportunity to create a unique pair of Woolings shoes by choosing colours for the wool, sole, laces and the back side of the shoe.


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