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Mauricio Londoño

Fashion Designer

Londono is a brand established in 2012 in Colombia. We are a company passionate about innovation, engineering and design, where the exclusivity is reflected in the limited number of products produced per year. About the designer Mauricio Londoño - Product Design Engineer from EAFIT University and MSc in Plastic Product Design from London Metropolitan University in the UK. He worked as a consultant in London for an exclusive Swiss watchmaker manufacturer. Among his designs were writing instruments and complicated watches such as Tourbillons. In 2011 he came back to his country with the commitment of creating an exclusive brand using engineering materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar®.


Lora Pavlova


A traditional Russian footwear worn for walking on dry snow, valenki are warm felt boots made of ship wool. They are often solid but can be also soft and comfy. Designer valenki by Lora Pavlova are an ideal combination of thousands-year-old traditions with high quality and modern design. Each pair is notable for comfort, elegance, durability and style and will last the owner for 10 years. Traditionally valenki are brown, black, grey and white but they have recently become a fashion staple and are available in various colours. One feels neither hot nor cold in the footwear but cosy. Modern valenki are designed with rubber soles and represent a new social trend towards natural products with added health benefits, as well as a sensitivity towards fashion. Each pair of valenki is carefully packed into a special linen sack together with protective lavender blossoms.


Sheena Bulsara


The eponymous brand Sheena Bulsara was established in 2009. Sheena was born and raised in the UK and studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London. She started designing because she was tired of fast throwaway fashion. "My ambition is to create innovative luxury, one of kind jewellery. I aim to push boundaries and preconceptions of fashion jewellery. Sometimes blurring the lines between clothing, jewellery and art, allowing ideas and techniques to cross-pollinate to create organic sculptures for the body. I handcraft piece of jewellery making my collection unique."


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