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Born in Cádiz, Ana Sánchez graduated in Fashion Design in the School of Applied Arts, Cádiz, and Industrial Design Pattern in Barcelona. Over the course of the last years Ana, always on a quest toward the latest impulses, felt compelled to experiment with new projects in the fashion and art world. She created and became the director of the SOUTH 36-32N THE NEW FASHION LATITUDE, a fashion festival that also incorporates international modern art tendencies. The festival features a more experimental approach to the emerging avant-garde fashion and a more open-minded commercial vision of the actual market of young Spanish fashion designers. These factors majorly influence the style of Ana´s recent collections which are slightly more risky yet equitable whilst respecting the calls of the recent fashion market.


Olga Malyarova

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer from Moscow.


Chiara Bet


Contemporary designer & jeweller – but old artisan at heart – Chiara graduated with a First from De Montfort University in Leicester in 2011, then relocated to Sheffield to attend the Starter Programme for Silversmiths and Jewellers at Persistence Works (Yorkshire Artspace). In an approach similar to the one of the old masters, concepts and visions begin life as illustrations on paper, to then be translated into 3D form by the award winning artist through methodical hand-carving of wax models. These are then cast or electroformed in silver and gold and composed in pieces of jewellery by the distinct narrative feel, their sculptural quality enhancing the storytelling virtue and charm. Precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls become part of the design as further narrative device, and the use of gilding and patina as surface finish sets the mood for the work and story behind it.


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