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Martin Bergström


It is a bubbly and boisterous place, the creative mind of fashion designer Martin Bergström. His ingenuity takes him from cabbages to space whores, from decomposing materials to forgotten handicraft techniques. Maybe this is why he cannot confine himself to the fashion world but has applied his imagination to hotel interiors, furniture, print, theatre, uniforms, stage clothing, illustrations, styling and commercial work. He graduated with an MA in Textiles in 2005 - he has an artistic outlook when it comes to fashion, producing small collections of made-to-order garments in fine, and often rare, materials, like leathery silk and heavy, fur-like boiled wool. Organic shapes, playfulness and couture-like sewing techniques merge in his clothes, and despite their kaleidoscopic qualities, with wild prints and colours, there’s a feeling of something held back and reined in.


El Voyage

Weaving Art and Leather Accessories

El Voyage was started by two women with global roots; infused with the love of travel & fashion; a desire to empower others & to make the world a better place. We sell weaving art, leather accessories and coffee - a collection where style and quality are one. Our products are for the world traveler whether you are a first-class jetsetter or a backpacking adventurer. Founded with more than 20 years of combined experience in global sourcing, the founders saw the void in resources available to communities with unique artisanal skills and products to compete in global markets. We are tailored to support economic development and bring awareness to the history behind products. As we continue to work with communities we have brought our own vision to a New York-based lifestyle brand that is carefully curated for an international audience with superb attention to detail from concept to delivery.


Lasso Shoes


In 2010, Gaspard went to London to study at the Royal College of Art. The winter was tough and heating expensive so his feet were frozen by the stone floor. He cut a piece of felt and sewed it with his sneaker laces: the very first pair of Lasso slippers was born! 164 prototypes later the shape was perfected and the comfort optimized. He kept them flat-packed so that anyone could assemble them with the laces of their choice. Back in Paris, he gave a pair to his friend Ruben... “Mate, they are so warm, we’ve got to make them in Paris!” They found a manufacturer - the Sellerie Parisienne - a social enterprise that provides work for people with special needs but it took a lot more discussions, coffees, pints, sewing and sweat to establish Lasso: a young, social and conscientious brand. The slippers were launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and are now being worn in 40 different countries.


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