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  • My name is Dita and I am the studio artist. I draw and create the illustrations, choosing colours and putting the compositions together. Each one of my scarves is treated as a painting. It all starts with blank sheet of paper and an idea about the future design. Then sketching, choosing colours and finally composition takes place. And even though it might sound as a hard work, I do enjoy every bit of this process. Great care is taken to choose every colour, with every picture drawn, with every print received back from the printers. I adore beauty of silk and its deep colour tones allowing the painting to literally come to life. Drawing, painting and printing have been my passions ever since I remember. My mother likes to say that I was born with pencils on my fingertips. I studied fines arts and fashion design in Prague Czech Republic. I set up my first studio when I was very young making hand painted silk scarves and designed my own and unique tailor made clothing. Then I re-located to UK to pursue my art/fashion career. My illustrations can be found on T-shirts for various companies and I sell my own illustrations. Through this process I discovered passion for textile design creating my own illustration using all kind of tools – hand painting, hand-printing and now digital print giving me ultimate freedom and control over the whole process. I grew to enjoy the process more and more and would want others to enjoy the beauty of the products I create.

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Toni Francesc

Born in Badalona, Barcelona, from a very early stage he started to be interested in fashion, since he grew up among his mother's cords and patterns. At 18, he started to study at the Fashion Institute of Barcelona and immediately started working in his family's company, where he will later create his own line of clothes. He presented his first collection at the Mexico Fashion Week and Bread & Butter in 2007, showing a fresh and dynamic style, with outfits thought for the modern, urban and sophisticated woman.


raquel montiel

Makara company, founded by designer Raquel Montiel, makes exclusive and elegant bag designs. It is a luxury brand for the woman who wants to be seen as a simple, yet glamourous and attractive person. We want the women who choose Makara to shine, feel different and stand out. Our bags are unique complements. We pay special attention to the final touches, always choosing the best materials and taking care, with good taste and delicacy, of each and every one of the details. This is where the luxury and distinction of our bags reside. Makara bags are made in workshops located in Spain, by the best artisans and leather specialists. The skins we use are all natural, therefore possible scars or variations of tones are a guarantee of authenticity. All our skins have the CITES Certificate, released by the Washington Convention.


Rosalía Zahíno

Rosalía Zahíno embodies as no one else does the concept of “haute couture” within the Flamenco culture, which has been consolidated in Spain and abroad for the past few years. The fashion designer born in Huelva (Spain) knows the secret of how to combine tradition with innovation, by rescuing for today’s women aesthetics from the past that show up as “more in the present” than they ever did. It is about an ode to the more sensual femininity, to the Spanish character and to the overwhelming personality of feeling Andalusia.


Original outfits made by the finest fashion designers, following the highest quality standards

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    Enric Sala

    Born in Vic in 1954, Enric Sala defends the creation as a collaboration between the artist and the material. In this process, both sides change, evolve and discover each other. Enric likes to constantly challenge himself intelectually, is passionate about science and philosophy and considers himself the translator of a interconnected cosmos, concept that he tries to apply to every one of his creations.


    Dani Torrent

    Dani Torrent is a painter and illustrator from Barcelona. He studied Art History, with a focus on Renaissance, 19th century art and history of cinema. Daniel Torrent's art is based on anatomical deformations through which he creates oneiric atmospheres full of symbols. His work seems to explore the psyche and reveal the duality between fables and tales in a world where innocence and darkness merge. Androgen characters and insects who mix together in ambiguous relationships in bright nights are some of the themes of his paintings and illustrations. (for more info, download the PDF above)


    Monique van Steen

    Monique van Steen is a Dutch painter, living and working in Barcelona, Spain. 
Her main focus in art is exploring the boundaries of female beauty. The change of geographic place of living is easily recognizable in her work, especially the mediterranean light has made a great change on Monique’s color-palette.
These outstanding colors combined with the contemporary, almost comic-style vision on the depicted makes her work relative to the neo-pop-art scene.


    Exquisite artworks that reveal worlds full of emotions

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      Lucirmás designs and produces sustainable glass products which tell a story. We make original, handcrafted objects from 100% recycled glass, offering the quality of a beautiful, artisan product. Lucirmás’ mission is to create products which make the most of the charm, value and versatility of recycled glass. Our products are elegant, simple and functional.

      Industrial Design

      Top-notch designs that will enrich your life

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        Jesús Martínez

        Artisan jeweler for over 20 years. With the passing of time, his enthusiasm for the craft has been constantly growing. Each one of his pieces comes from the feelings caused by the materials he uses and the experiments he makes in his workshop. Apart from traditional gems, he is passionate about raw minerals, which are commonly present in may of his works.


        Rosa Bisbe

        Rosa Bisbe is a family business - 4th generation of jewellery makers from Barcelona, since 1915. A prestigious luxury brand, whose creations are based on simplicity and elegance, and wrapped in a personal touch. The results are unique and exclusive jewels, adapted to the current needs.


        Fili Plaza

        Fili Plaza was born in 1957 in Salamanca, Spain. She studied Interior Design at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios of Barcelona, and also took ceramics courses. Fili began her career as a sculptor, and in 2003 she initiated her career as a jewelry designer for a being she knows very well: the woman. Fili picked the human body as the main theme of her creations, as a way of expressing her ideas through sculpture. She treats the human body as a physical matter that helps us communicate, and also isolate, ourselves from the others. Torsos of men and women, imposing sculptures of two human beings broken lengthways, couples that hold themselves in order to - find themselves?, protect themselves?, comfort themselves?, recognize themselves?, or simply search for their lost soul. Since 1988 Fili has been doing individual and collective exhibitions at art galleries in Spain, the Netherlands, Ne


        Spectacular handmade jewels that fit your glamour and elegance

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