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Soffio di Soffia


Bag design is like a project for your own little house, a home for your precious things. It is Architecture.


Leon Dutch Design

Wooden handbags

Leon is passionate about making beautiful design objects out of wood. He quit his job so he could really focus on creating things of beauty. After perfecting his skills, learning from master woodworker Brian Newell in California, Leon started to develop a wooden handbag for women. The result: a strong, flexible, elegant and pleasant to use handbag. Behold the proceeds of a journey that ended in success.


Annaleena Soini


Annaleena Soini is a jewelry designer based in Finland. She graduated as a qualified designer from Lahti University of Applied Sciences in 1998 after studying in the department of goldsmith, jewelery and object design. In 1999, she moved to Eura and founded her business named Studio 925. Annaleena has exhibited widely across Finland and across Europe as part of group exhibitions. She works primarily in silver but also uses a range of unique materials to complement her aesthetic.


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