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BWOOD, borne from the hands of two brothers with a passion for nature and sport. After watching artisans working with bamboo in various exotic countries we decided to consider a challenge: to produce wooden glasses. Our goal is to design and develop high quality craft products that bring the fresh and free spirit of nature to the most mundane everyday acts. Everything we do is a reflection of a team passionate about creativity, convinced that there is a different way to produce sunglasses. After months experimenting with new techniques and woods, we met to launch our new collection in a workshop that we fitted in Barcelona. Founder Ricardo Biarge always wanted to be a carpenter but his parents advised him to finish his studies first. After doing a Masters and working, he realised he wanted to stay true to himself, leading him back to experiment with wood and to the creation of BWOOD.


El Voyage

Weaving Art and Leather Accessories

El Voyage was started by two women with global roots; infused with the love of travel & fashion; a desire to empower others & to make the world a better place. We sell weaving art, leather accessories and coffee - a collection where style and quality are one. Our products are for the world traveler whether you are a first-class jetsetter or a backpacking adventurer. Founded with more than 20 years of combined experience in global sourcing, the founders saw the void in resources available to communities with unique artisanal skills and products to compete in global markets. We are tailored to support economic development and bring awareness to the history behind products. As we continue to work with communities we have brought our own vision to a New York-based lifestyle brand that is carefully curated for an international audience with superb attention to detail from concept to delivery.


Jelka Quintelier


“With open eyes and open mind I want to stretch the boundaries of jewellery design and change the way we think about adornment” Belgian-born Jelka graduated from London's Royal College of Art in 2013. By fusing jewellery with product design, fashion and sculpture, her work questions adornment, wearability and how we relate to objects and materials. Her latest jewellery is designed with an extra-function, such as a necklace that can be transformed into a chair. Under the name Black Lune Jelka designs laser cut rubber jewellery, inspired by visual patterns and striking scenes. She photographs these scenes and translates them into paper cut-outs to inspire digital drawings. The pieces are laser cut out of EPDM rubber and neoprene. The industrial roofing rubber and the wetsuit material are transformed into a captivating adornment that creates an interplay between the 2D and 3D world.


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