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Delphine Labedan


My relationship with plastic arts started when I was a young girl, influenced by my mother, who studied at the Fine Arts Institue in Toulouse, and my father, who is a professional photographer. For my artistic work I like to use big physical supports (canvas or wood) and diverse techniques such as coal, pastel, collage, ink, watercolors and oil. I prefer mixed techniques. Until now I had the opportunity to show my works in the cities of Bordeaux and Pau.


Nathalie Adenling

Product Design

Swedish contemporary designer Nathalie Adenling works in a multi-disciplinary field, focusing on innovative solutions for industrial production as well as with crafts and limited editions. With creativity and an inquisitive mind, Nathalie explores and develops design, materials and manufacturing processes in new directions. She graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2011 and since 2012, Nathalie has run her own design studio based in Stockholm. For commissions and any kind of collaboration, please feel free to contact:


Eilisain Jewelry


Lisette Fee, artist and designer of Eilisain Jewelry, has been designing and making jewelry for over 10 years. Her father’s role as an Army officer provided her the opportunity to travel the world - immersion in a diversity of cultures gave Lisette an invaluable appreciation for a variety of art forms, and she gained inspiration, too, from the local people and wildlife. Lisette's design and aesthetic presentation skills have evolved into her signature skill of using the ancient art of wax casting to create pieces of jewelry immortalizing the beauty and strength of animals. Lisette continues to develop this ancient method and to work in new mediums. She is always looking for new ways to adorn the human body in the presentation of the strong bond between humans and totem animals. In Eilisain Jewelry, you have the chance to feel the spirit of animals that might otherwise remain unfamiliar.


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