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Made from a single piece of laser cut aluminum sheet, it does not require any welding spot. 

Generous openings allow anflug of birds from different directions. 

A far-spanning roof protects from rain and snow sufficient. 

As natural lands can help a self-sought-ast be plugged into two holes provided for this purpose. 

For more visitors ensures a mastered dumpling. 

The porcelain bowl is removable for better cleaning. We have deliberately omitted an oversized cup, advise, especially in the hot summer months to a daily change of the water as possible to avoid diseases in birds. Fresh water is also for birds ultimate commanded for good health. 

In winter you can use the porcelain bowl to use as additional fodder depot: just sprinkle a little feed into it. 

The delivery includes: 

The bird house from aluminum with a white powder coating (durable stainless), 

a removable bowl made ​​of white porcelain, manufactured by KAHLA porcelain 

a split stainless steel rod, one end is cut at an angle for ease of plugging in the ground 

without ast and animal feed. we recommend sunflower seeds 

and of course without water ... 

VHT-1 with dimensions approx 1,60 m x 34 x 24 cm