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S - 200x125cm

M - 240x135cm

Stories could be told around this oval table, resting on a black-painted iron support with four adjustable brass feet, about the design work that Ignazio Gardella did together with Edoardo Persico and a small circle of fighting spirits who contested the monumental idea of architecture and its obtuse, even hateful rhetoric. Work that was elegant and civil, a moment of sharing hypotheses and opinions that involved more or less everyone: Figini, Pagano, Terragni, Pollini, Albini. And then the BBPR team. And then, also in mass production, Caccia Dominioni and Corradi Dell’Acqua. All architecture students, all intellectuals who had inevitably met because, in the condition of society at the time, from the 1930s to 50s, with the war in the middle, they were seeking the highest quality and the most culturally advanced position. And Gardella would also bring this programme of technical rigour and new possibilities into the classroom, in Venice. Because he saw the job of architect and designer as all-round cultural work, he thought criticism was part of the planner’s activities.