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The “Scram” jacket was born from the collaboration between Fuel Motorcycles®, who developed the design, and Helstons® the well-known French manufacturer of specialist motorcycle clothing.

This high quality leather jacket is made for travellers and adventurers on two wheels…No matter if is cold or hot, if you ride by road or trails, the “Scram” jacket will always care for you and will never let you down, a jacket you can trust!

For an all year use you got a winter linner for cold weather and two front air flow pockets for the summer.

A big Africa map is printed inside just to remind you that there is a big world outside to discover! 

A cool detail that makes the jacket unique and with character. 

Armour pockets on shoulders, elbows and on the back.( all Smooth Ways® armour is included with the jacket)

The "Scram" jacket has been tested in Africa at the Scram Africa trip.