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24 Months

Shipping is 79 EUR per MeMover

Limited units available.

A step machine on wheels, Me-Mover FIT gives you an efficient full-body work out in minutes!

On the Me-Mover FIT you get a high-intensity, calorie blasting workout, but without the joint strain. The ergonomic stepping motion activates 6 of 8 major muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout.

Basic colours: Black, white, red, blue

Special colours: Hot orange, metallic green (additional EUR/USD 100)

Benefits of Me-Moving:

Efficient full-body workout: activate 6 of 8 major muscle groups for a calorie blasting workout in just minutes

Low-impact training: the ergonomic stepping motion is gentle on your joints, protecting you from injuries and preventing old ones from flaring up

Fun to ride: the unique feeling of a combination of running and skiing is addictive and exhilarating

Versatile training: ride it on the way to work, in the park, or fold it and pack it in your car for a trip. You decide how to use the Me-Mover FIT in your daily life.

Safe riding: stable three-wheel design and higher riding position gives you better visibility, and makes you easier to spot for other motorists


Unfolded: 110cm x 100-125cm x 46cm (43″ x 40″-50″ 18″)

Folded: 130cm x 35cm x 46cm (51″ x 14″ x 48″)

Disassembled in three individual pieces: 100cm x 35cm x 46cm (40″ x 14″ x 18″)


Speed: 0-25km/h (cruising speed 15-20km/h) (sprinting speed 30+ km/h)

Climbing: able to climb hills of 5% incline

Recommended riding terrain: flat terrain and mild surfaces

Inbuilt variable gearing: determine the gear by pedal stroke activity (heavy gear at the bottom of the pedal stroke, and light gearing at the top of the pedal stroke)

Customer testimonials: “I can assure you that the Me-Mover is a whole lot more than just an exercise scooter. The Me-Mover is in fact a “meet-a-lot-of-nice-people-device” – Carl Hansen, Marketing Executive“

Imagine a human-powered segway. It takes me everywhere, and always turns heads.” – David Davila, Vice President, Banking Industry

“This is brilliant! The speed of biking with the reflexes of skiing.” – Gusli Benito, Architect

*Extra shipping and import charges may apply.*

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