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14 Days
6 Months

The DEBEAM is a desktop stand for laptops, with a minimalist design, made of birch wood. 

With DEBEAM, the laptop is at the right height for your eyes and at an inclination that will correct your position both for your back and your hands. 

The stand is built in three attachable, very light pieces that we ship tied together with an elastic band, which makes the DEBEAM really easy to carry. 

The stops at the front of the lateral pieces keep the laptop from sliding down, and the central piece can be used in two different positions, so that the stand works for laptops of all dimensions. 

Besides, the inclination and the simplicity of the DEBEAM’s structure provide good ventilation for the device.

WEIGHT 0.550 kg

DIMENSIONS 31 x 12 x 4 cm