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With optimal weight distribution and proven back protection, it provides safe conditions for both the equipment and yourself.

Slip out of the shoulder straps and rotate the casing to your front and you have immediate desktop access to your camera gear.

Even with a maximum load, the hard shell wing supports against your hip with stunning stability.

You are even free to walk around with the bag in fold-down “ready mode”, where it also doubles as support for a monopod.

The Boblbee Vortex 14L uses your own body to suspend itself, thanks to a heavy duty waist belt, with double release buckles for security.

•  Impact protective ABS shell.
•  Shell color: Phantom Matt Black only.
•  Sleeve pocket [top].
•  Attachment point for Side Winders.
•  Waist belt with steel / nylon carabiners.
•  Shoulder straps with pocket attachment.
•  Cargo bridge for tripod / ski / snowboard.
•  Accessory compartment.
•  Stabilizing hip padding.
•  Cargo straps [tripod / tent].
•  Triple layers dividers.
•  Mesh pockets.
•  Hip support.
• ATA luggade norms: Can be used as cabin luggage.

Design for photographers in motion. Fast access to you gear, while carried! Protection for your equipment. Stabilizing erogonomics.


Size: 56 × 33 × 22 cm
Weight: 3300 g
Volume: 14 l
Maximum laptop size: 38 × 26 × 5 cm