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The iconic Boblbee backpack; durable, reliable and built to last.

Avaible in differents colors:

Igloo (White)
Diablo Red (Red)
Phantom (Black)
Spitfire (Grey)
Kryptonite (Green)
Lava (Orange)
Meteor (Ash)
Cobalt (Blue)

Ultra stylish and with great attention to detail and finish.

A truly unique innovation that is so much more than a backpack.

The GTX-series is the all new 2016 update of the GTO (prev. Megalopolis Aero) and is our top-of-the-line backpack.

The GTX offers a number of special features compared to the GT-series and the previous GTO-series.

It is equipped with an aerodynamic dome to help airflow and to give extra water protection.

Waist belt attachments are made from of steel and not plastic.The biggest change compared with the GTO-series is the back panel which is now made from a single piece of ergonomicly molded soft-foam.

This improoved ventilation and breathability as well as increased shock absorbsion.


•  Impact protective ABS shell.
•  Back protector CE label-level 2.
•  Aero dynamic top cover with pocket
.•  Safety lock - aluminum / nylon.
•  15” laptop compartment / or hydration.
•  Ergonomics waist support.
•  Waist belt attachment [included].
•  Velcro belt attachment, steel
.•  Accessory attachments.
•  Stabilizing hip padding.
•  Ultra ventilated soft foam back panel
.•  Phone pocket, detachable
.•  Pocket attachments.
•  Reflective 3M - traffic comp. EN 471 [incl. x2]
.• IATA luggade norms: Can be used as cabin luggage.

Design optimized for easy carrying."Master Class" Level 2 Back Protector.Only 5,8kN average force transfer [CE-TüV].

Top level protection for your gear.Optimized comfort and aerodynamics.

Action balanced and stabilizing ergonomics.Ventilated foam harness keeping a cool back.

✔︎ MasterClass CE-Level 2 (highest) spine protection
✔︎ Ultimate shield for your gear
✔︎ Ergonomic ventilated foam back panel
✔︎ Aerodynamic dome top cover
✔︎ Water resistant
✔︎ 25L capacity
✔︎ HeavyDuty ITW® trimmings & attachment points


Size: 56x30x15 cm
Weight: 1900 g
Volume: 20/25 l
Maximum laptop size: 38x26x5 cm