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To commemorate the birth of Point 65 Sweden as well as the Boblbee bag we are releasing a limited edition of the Boblbee GTX 25L with unique details and a Chrome finished shell.

The shell is Chromium finished on all sides and made with true chrome procedure, no foil or other knock-off "chrome".

Furthermore we have developed our own unique chade of chrome which is slightly darker than the typicall chrome plating, and the result is magnificent.

The commemorative harness has a silver lining instead of the usual black and features a silver zippered phone pocket and top-pocket zipper.

Reliable and built to last. Ultra stylish and with great attention to detail and finish.

A truly unique innovation that is so much more than a backpack. The GTX offers extended ruggedness for heavy-duty use. Equipped with an aerodynamic dome to help airflow and to give extra water protection.

•  Aero dynamic top cover / pocket
•  Safety lock - aluminum / nylon.
•  15” laptop compartment / or hydration
•  Ergonomics waist support.
•  Waist belt attachment [included]
•  Velcro belt attachment.
•  Accessory attachments.
•  Stabilizing hip padding
•  Super ventilated soft foam back panel.
•  Phone pocket, detachable.
•  Pocket attachments.
•  Reflective 3M - traffic comp. EN 471 [incl. x2].
• ATA luggade norms: Can be used as cabin luggage.

Design optimized for easy carrying.
Top level protection for your gear.
Optimized comfort and aerodynamics.
Action balanced and stabilizing ergonomics.
Ventilated foam harness keeping a cool back.

✔︎ High impact protective ABS shell with deep Chrome finish.
✔︎ Soft EVA foam, ventilated, award winning ergonomic back panel.
✔︎ Heavy-duty trimmings through and through, silver details.
✔︎ 25L capacity expanded, 20L compressed.
✔︎ Total weight 1750g / 4lbs

Equipped with an aerodynamic dome to help airflow and to give extra water protection.


Size: 56x30x15 cm
Weight: 1900 g
Volume: 20/25 l
Maximum laptop size: 38x22x5 cm