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In short, a trimmed but just as durable version of the larger Boblbee 25L with a sharper design of our patented protective hardshell. Simple and elegant, the Boblbee GT 20L lies close up against you back for an extremely comfortable fit.

Avaible in differents colors:

Igloo (White)
Diablo Red (Red)
Phantom (Black)
Spitfire (Gris)
Kryptonite (Green)
Lava (Orange)
Meteor (Ash)
Cobalt (Blue)


• Back protector CE label-level 1.
• Water repellent top cover / pocket.
• Quick lock - sail grade bungee cord.
• 14” laptop compartment / or hydration.
• Ergonomics waist support.
• Waist belt attachment [included].
• Velcro belt attachment.
• Accessory attachments.
• Stabilizing hip padding.
• Phone pocket, detachable.
• Pocket attachments.
• IATA luggade norms: Can be used as cabin luggage.

Size: 49x29x15 cm
Weight: 1800gr
Volume: 15-20l
Maximum laptop size:35x23x5 cm

Why a Boblbee Pack?

Got your Back! - Licenced at CE-Level 2 with the highest ratings of back protection in the industry.
Got your Gear! - This pack offers world class armour for your gear. We want you to keep active all the while knowing that if you hit the pavement, you and you electronics will be as safe as possible.
Ergonomics - The unique shape is not only for looks. In addition to making the back protection possible it also provides great lumbar support. Packing high in combination with the lumbar support most of the weight is spread out across your back and does not hang on your shoulders.

Design optimized for everyday use.
"Speed Class" Level 1 Back Protector.
Only 8,7kN average force transfer [CE-TüV].
Top level protection for your gear.
Optimized comfort.
Action balanced and stabilizing ergonomics

✔︎ SpeedClass CE-Level 1 spine protection
✔︎ Ultimate shield for your gear
✔︎ Soft fabric back panel
✔︎ Quick-draw cover
✔︎ Water resistant
✔︎ 20L capacity
✔︎ ITW® trimmings & attachment points