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The Boblbee Cam 5L bag is a great hip bag for light travelling which gives top level protection for your equipment.
It includes a removable lumbar pocket with insulated aluminum foil and provides good support.
Fits an SLR house with shorter lens mounted (50–70 mm), plus zoom lens (max. length 200 mm). Also suitable for camcorders or compact SLR cameras.

Avaible in:

Phantom (Black)
Igloo (White)

⊳ Impact protective ABS shell.
⊳ Water repellent top cover.
⊳ Accessory storage [detachable].
⊳ Inside organizer / sleeve pockets [A5].
⊳ Zipped hip pockets, both sides.
⊳ Ventilated padding - nylon mesh.
⊳ 50 mm waist belt   with ITW release buckle

Design optimized optimized for compact carrying.
Top level protection for your equipment.
Action balanced and stabilizing ergonomics.


Size: 31 × 30 × 18 cm
Weight:1150 g
Volume: 5 l