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40 Days
12 Months

Branded gunmetal buttons and rivets.

Companion stripes logo with “nerve” embroidery.

Binded fly and hips with black cotton tape.

Selvedge key hanger loop.

Chainstitch buttonholes.

Peek a boo selvedge on coin pocket.

Reinforced pocket openings.

Hemp cord inserted in beltloops.

Heavy black cotton twill pocket bags.

Double Zig zag stitch on pocket bags.

Black leather patch, handcrafted in Italy.

Chainstitch hemmed with the Union Special 43200G.


This is style has been produced in a very limited batch in our Joel Slim cut.

Due to the different performance of the fabrics during the sewing, find your size in the chart, specifically from this style .

The jeans are left longer and we cut and chainstitch them to your requested measure, being 36 inches the maximum inseam length.

Any question related to the production of your jeans can be asked to hi@companiondenim.com

The jeans will be shipped within 5 working days by any of the courier company we work with, depending on the country of destination. We use Fedex, DHL, TNT,…

Read our full terms and conditions.


We always recommend to “wear as much as possible, wash as little as possible”.

Following this principle and washing your jeans after 6-8 months of wear will give them some nice fadings and strong character. The more you wear your jeans, the better they will look.

However, we aren´t too dogmatic on this. If you need or feel like washing your jeans before that time, do it without regrets.

If you´re going to take them on the long “no wash” journey you should avoid wearing them on certain situations where they could pick up a strong smell or hardly removable stains, e.g. barbecue party, painting your room,…

We craft our jeans to be as durable as possible, but even so, you´ll probably need to make some repairs through the life of your pair. That is unavoidable. But it will also empasize a personal and worn in unique look.

Wash the jeans inside out in cold temperature or in 40ºc maximum, without using any bleach or chlorine chemicals.

Do not tumble dry the jeans as it can damage some of the materials. Hang dry them instead, as it will also avoid the need of ironing.

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