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15 Days
3 Months


This is Aría’s hooded dress and she will let you keep it if you promise to:

1) Keep your passion burning.

2) Always stay strong.

3) Always stay true.

Each collection is inspired by a Saga written by the designer Kimberley Stacey. This dress is part of the Aría Saga Collection. Aría is a strong Icelandic woman that lived with her mother in the hidden valleys beyond the mountains deep in Iceland. The saga tells of how she didn’t let anything get in the way of her passion and in the end she becomes a strong, independent woman.

Wear this dress and be strong. Be You.

TISKA London is a sustainable fashion label and promotes slow fashion.

Fast fashion is mass produced meaning prices stay low. With the prices being so low it encourages consumers to buy more than is needed resulting in more landfill. Around 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year. Every time it rains, water drains through all the rubbish and, as a result, picks up chemical and hazardous materials. This includes chemicals used in clothing such as dyes and bleaches.

While in contrast Slow fashion means slow consumption, consequently resulting in less pressure on the environment to produce raw materials.

This dress is made to order – made especially for you

100% cotton

Machine washable

As this beautiful dress is made to order please expect up to 21 days for delivery. We strive to deliver as soon as possible.